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In today's business world, competitive advantage is everything. There is no time to be inefficient, especially with your customer-facing activities. With customer contact enabled through so many diverse channels, from call centre to on-line, e-mail and social media, a single joined-up customer contact management system is essential.

ClickHQ is a unique cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Salesforce Management software system that empowers your customer representatives and sales team to manage your customer relationships efficiently and effectively and ensure a joined-up experience for customers, management and and business partner stakeholders.

ClickHQ is secure and resilient and backed by our complete support service.

The system is focused on the way that people really work which means that your staff are able to deal with more customers in less time. Unlike other CRM and Salesforce Management software, ClickHQ was designed by business people for business people.

ClickHQ provides simple to access up-to-date information across all business functions and is designed to enable your staff to easily access and disseminate information in one click. The software will simplify, manage and measure your business processes enabling quick and effective decision-making, working within Service Level Agreements. ClickHQ reports enable you to measure service delivery against corporate Key Performance Indicators.

Click Innovation are the business experts behind ClickHQ. We provide a complete project management, consultancy and support service, working with you to make sure that you deliver a world class customer experience.

ClickHQ can be integrated with your key business systems such as your ERP, finance and HR systems and your online presence.

Find out more about ClickHQ features or download the product brochure.

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