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Business Management Software, UK

Click Innovation is an experienced software development company that prides itself on quickly understanding complex business challenges and in providing user friendly, value for money, easy to use software solutions that address those challenges.

As well as providing custom software solutions, over the last four years we have developed our own business management software suite called ClickHQ Enterprise.

ClickHQ Enterprise is a fully featured web based business management software system that is easy to use and can be accessed quickly and securely from any web browser.

ClickHQ Enterprise business management software is designed to work as one joined up business system which will enable small and medium sized businesses to run efficiently. By focusing the system around people, and how they really work, our clients’staff, areable to deal with more customers in less time.

The business management software system provides simple to access up-to-date data across all business functions and is designed to enable staff to easily access and disseminate information in one simple click.

The ClickHQ Enterprise solution will simplify, manage and measure your business processes enabling quick and effective decision making.

We work with our customers through the implementation stage to make sure that the system is effective from day one and is configured specifically to work the way that they do.

We take full responsibility - We design, develop, deliver and support the solution in house.

Please follow this link to find out more about the ClickHQ Enterprise Business Management software service.

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